The future of your village rests on your shoulders.

Villagesong is a fantastical RPG about communities, leadership, and change, inspired by tales from ancient Java. Your decisions will determine the future of your village and the island. What will you sacrifice, and what will you hold dear?

You play a village leader, responsible for your home. As the game progresses, draw cards from the change deck to discover the events facing your village. You will make tough decisions, form and break bonds with other leaders, and discover how your island changes. Choice by choice, you will shape the song of your village, sung for many years to come.

1-4 players | 2-4 hours | Ages 14+

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Game of the Year Winner – Australia ARPIA 2021
Excellence in Narrative Finalist – Freeplay 2021
Non-Digital Game Award – Freeplay 2021

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Make decisions that shape your village and the island

The tides of change wash over your island. During your turn, you will draw a change card, and reveal a new pressure facing your village.

Decide, do you accept their offer and take change into your own hands? Or do you resist their influence and send them onwards to another village? Once you’ve made your choice, explore the impact of the change on the villages.

Explore the bonds between leaders

Your village cannot stand alone. It is connected to those that surround it – by the flowing river or the mountain pass, but also by the bonds of blood or friendship that tie the leaders together.

But what is best for your village may not be best for those around you. If the trust between leaders is broken, the bond between your villages breaks too, leaving you to perilously make amends, or face the future alone.

Create your villagesong to leave your legacy, sung for years to come

As you make decisions during the game, change cards are tucked beneath your village, leaving a chronicle of your time as leader. This is your villagesong, a melody of life, handed onward for generations to come.


Villagesong Solo

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