Fly for victory

Take to the sky in this Fight with Spirit expansion based on the world of Spéir from Campaign: Skyjacks, and its Skyjoust! podcast! Joust on the back of majestic Griffins, and compete for victory. Explore your unique team dynamic and sharped your skills – only together can you reach the top!

2 to 5 players (including a facilitator)
Play any number of sessions, a full tournament takes 6 to 8

Fight with Spirit base game required to play

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Fight with Spirit



Community copies: There are 10 communities copies still available for Skyjoust! If you want one, shoot us a message via our contact form, and we’ll send it to you no questions asked.

Saddle up, take flight, and prepare to joust!

Skyjoust!!, is a Fight with Spirit expansion based on the world of Speir from Campaign:Skyjacks, and the exhilarating sport of griffin-back jousting. In this expansion, you take to the skies to compete in one of Speir’s most renowned jousting tournaments. 

You are teen riders in the Fledgling Leagues, finding your footing and flying for a spot in a pro team or chasing dreams of your own. You ride on the back of griffins, magnificent birds of giant size hatched from golden eggs. While you joust as individuals, your team means everything—it’s only together that you can advance in the tournament and strive for ultimate victory.

Take on your rivals in unique jousting events

You compete in the four major jousting events, which each present different challenges and require different skills:

  • Mounted: Riders fly at full force against each other, aiming to strike the other’s armor and score points.
  • Tengu Dori: Riders leap onto platforms on the backs of each other’s birds, and engage in fast paced skirmishes.
  • Markship Dhanurveda: A long-range event where riders move slowly, waiting for the perfect moment to lose an arrow.
  • Markship Kunta-Yuddha: A close-range event where riders twirl, spin, and dive attempting to gain advantage for a clean arrow shot.

Download play materials

Looking for character, team, or connection sheets? Download them and print more here.

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The Team behind Skyjoust!

James D'Amato
Writing and setting design

James D’Amato is the co-founder of The One Shot Podcast Network, the original host of One Shot, the current host of Campaign: Skyjacks and Skyjoust, and the author of The Ultimate RPG Guide series for Adams Media. He once went to bird camp.

Aaron Azar

Aaron Azar is an Ohio-based illustrator and cartoonist. He spends an absurd amount of time listening to podcasts– don’t worry, he draws pictures while doing so and never gets distracted ever. His favorite birds are great horned owls and common loons.

Melody Watson

Melody is a specialist TTRPG editor and writer, a sometimes poet, and a maker of play experiences large and small. When she isn’t elbow-deep in words, she parents two small people and too many cats.

Justin Langille

Justin is an artist and storyteller in Toronto with his partner and beloved black cat. By day he is a technical writer, and by night gathers up new creative pursuits like a magpie. He spends his free time wandering in nature, and wondering on the the spooky things lurking in the shadows and how kissable they are.

Vee Hendro
game designer And graphic designer

Vee Hendro is one half of Storybrewers. As well as making games, she is a freelance RPG graphic designer based in Sydney, Australia. Catch her on a bouldering wall, bushwalk or drooling over mechanical keyboards.

Hayley Gordon
Game Designer and Lead Writer

Hayley is a game designer and writer, focusing on collaborative and emotional roleplaying experiences. As a history major, she enjoys roleplaying in the weirdness of the imagined past.