Good Society + All Expansions PDF Bundle

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Romance. Scandal. Manners. Welcome to Good Society, the Jane Austen Tabletop Roleplaying Game.

This is the Good Society + All Expansions PDF Bundle. This is all the PDF materials made for Good Society and its expansions.

On purchase, you will immediately receive:

  • Good Society PDF
  • Pride, Prejudice and Practical Magics PDF
  • Sense, Sensibility and Swordsmanship PDF
  • Downstairs at the Abbey PDF
  • Emma, Forget Me Not PDF
  • The Fae Courts Mini-Expansion PDF
  • Swords, Magic and Servant Deck of Cards PDF
  • Lady Susan P.I. Mini-Expansion PDF
  • Guide to Hacking Good Society
  • Love & Longing Deck PDFs