Fight with Spirit Boxed Set + Skyjoust! Bundle


This is the bundle of Fight with Spirit Boxed Set and Skyjoust! Please note Skyjoust! is a digital product only.

Fight with Spirit is a collaborative tabletop roleplaying game about a sports team growing up together and fighting for their passion. In this game, you’ll hone your skills, face down rivals, and strive to take your team to the national championships. Along the way, you’ll explore friendships, feelings, and the fleeting nature of your time together.

Take to the sky in Skyjoust!, a Fight with Spirit expansion based on the world of Spéir from Campaign: Skyjacks, and its Skyjoust podcast! Joust on the back of giant and majestic Griffins, and compete in search of victory. Explore your unique team dynamic and sharped your skills – it’s only as a team you can reach the top.

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