Sell your wares on a seasonal journey full of wonder and self-discovery.

Saltfish & Almanacs is a storytelling RPG about a merchant company embarking on their yearly journey through new and familiar places. You and your fellow merchants travel in different directions around the same route, experiencing life on the road and discovering the mark the others have made on their visit.

As you buy and sell goods, you’ll craft your own story of discovery, love, passion, and what it means to be parted. How will your journey change you?

1 to 4 players | 3-6 hours | Ages 14+

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Best Rules Winner – Indie Groundbreaker IGDN 2023
Indie Showcase Winner – PAX Aus 2023
Tabletop Showcase Selection – SXSW Sydney 2023

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Saltfish & Almanacs

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Create your merchant company and prepare for the journey ahead

Choose your merchant company and hometown, then create the merchants you will play on the road. Will you be childhood friends starting a venture together, or a group of wondering spirits exploring what humanity has to offer?

Find out more about yourselves as you load your wagons with unique goods, ready to set out on your seasonal journey to across the land.

Buy, sell, and travel in an ever changing fantastical world.

Create your own map of towns and roads using modular cards.

It’s different every game! Then prepare to set out on your journey. You will part ways to get the best seasonal goods the year has to offer. One wagon starts their journey to the east, the other wagon to the west.

Travel the map road by road, town by town, experiencing new places and then revisiting those the other wagon has passed through. When the seasons change, flip the roads to explore the changing countryside.

Finally, when the buying and selling is done you will return to your hometown and spend the winter together.

Good by good, explore and share small moments to tell your story.

When you play Saltfish & Almanacs, you won’t keep account of your coin and profits. Rather, the goods you choose to buy and sell will chart your path through story.

Each good contains unique experiences that are only available when that good is in town, or on your cart. Choose one to explore an important moment in your journey.

Along with goods, you can also pick up special travellers and enchanted items to make your journey even more unique.