Requiring Expanded Acquaintance:

  • Percival by Elise Grifka Wander – Based on Virginia Woolf’s The Waves, it introduces a shared connection who sits at the center of the major characters’ world, but will never appear on screen.
  • Terrace Society by Nekochi – A game based on Terrace House, where there is a celebrity panel that reacts to the events of the show.
  • The House on Walnut Road by HB – Dr Susan arrives at the world’s most haunted house to find proof of the supernatural.
  • Clue-Dunit? by Julia Rose – A Cluedo-themed quickstart for Lady Susan
  • Lady Solstice: A Magical Lady Susan Playset by Cypress Grove – Magic users vote on who should replace their recently departed leader.

Of primarily humorous intent:

  • Musical Chairs at Mansfield Park by Violet Flohr – Trade characters at upkeep to add a little chaos to your game.
  • Meta Society by Chloe Sobel – a game about playing a game of Good Society.
  • Persuasion 2022 Society by Kimberly Loftus – Introduces additions for a “sequel game” that will disgruntle and frustrate your table
  • Refined Tempurrment by Lauren Bryant-Monk – Custom rules for playing Good Society with Lauren’s cat, Pearl or your own companion animal.


  • Legally Distinct Pride & Prejudice by Kimberly Loftus – Playset, desires, and a new role. What if you were in the position of the Bennet sisters at the start of the novel?
  • Court Me by Michelle Y. Kim – 5 relationships and 6 new desires themed around love and manipulation.
  • Simple Society by Luiz – A guide for simplifying Good Society for a faster game.
  • Sad Girl Society Starter Pack by Yayforbooks – Desires and playsets inspired by the Spotify playlist “sad girl starter pack.”
  • Pyramid of Want by HB – A quick and dirty oracle deck method for creating backstory and characters.

Requiring Expanded Acquaintance:

  • Dance Fever by Chloe Sobel – A reflavouring of the Fae Courts with an eye towards gothic romance and court intrigue. New courts, conditions, magical collaboration options.
  • Alternative Magic Table for Good Society by Misha Grifka Wander – Alternate magic rules that give you more control over the magic you cast, but may increase the cost.
  • Close Quarters by Cypress Grove – Rules for playing Downstairs at the Abbey with three players, along with new content for doing so.
  • Mean Magic by Michelle Y. Kim – Adds magic options for a dark, harsh magic that demands a higher cost.
  • The Revenant by Behak – A count of Monte Cristo themed masked identity for Sense, Sensibility and Swordsmanship.