A cozy game of extraordinary daily living.

Our Mundane Supernatural Life is a cozy two player RPG that explores the everyday life of a supernatural person and their loved one. It’s a game about the difficulties of going grocery shopping when you’re partly ethereal, or the importance of finding good child care every full moon.

In this game, you play through a single day of your life together. But life always comes with its problems. Face supernatural and mundane troubles as your day unfolds.

2 players | 60-90 minutes | Ages 14+

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Game of the Year Nominee – Indie Groundbreaker IGDN 2021
Best Rules Nominee – Indie Groundbreaker IGDN 2021
Most Innovative Nominee – Indie Groundbreaker IGDN 2021
Official Selection – Pride at Play Festival 2021

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Explore the game

Plan a day in your unusual life

When you play Our Mundane Supernatural Life, you’ll begin by deciding a bit about your characters, and choose the supernatural and mundane problems you are facing.

Next, you’ll move on to planning your day together. Write your daily activities on the cards, and then placing these in chronological order. What’s happening today?

Spend an extraordinary day together unlike any other

Once you’re done planning, it’s time to play through your day and see what unfolds. For each activity in your day:

  • Set the timer: Each scene takes a randomised length, to highlight glimpses of the mundane and the supernatural as your day plays through.
  • Check for a symbol: Turn over the card and check for a symbol to see if the activity goes smoothly, brings you closer, or creates trouble in your day.
  • Play the scene: Play through the scene until the timer runs out! Or use your time token to grab a moment more.

Enjoy more ways to play, included in the box

Introduce different tones to your game with the extra symbol cards. Hearts (♡) are scenes of connection between yourself and your loved one, while stars (☆) are moments of realisation or awareness about your own life. There’s also the xx card for a truly terrible moment in your day.

For a different experience, play the three day expansion and explore the same story over several days. As well as being a little longer, this version includes daily
weather, changing plans, and all five types of schedule cards.