Applications are currently closed

What happens during a mentorship?

As a mentee, we will meet with you for a 3 hour workshop every two months to discuss what you are working on.

We will work with you on whatever part of the process is most helpful to you, from early stage designing, to playtesting, refining game text, and the business of roleplaying. 

Before each meeting, you can send us any drafts you’re working on for us to read and give feedback on during the workshop, as well as a list of whatever questions, issues or topics you’d like to talk about.

Meetings will be via video call, and we hope to work with designers from all around the world.

How long is it?

Mentorships will last for up to 12 months depending on need. We will discuss your goals with you at the outset to work out a timeframe that is suitable.

Can I apply?

Applications are currently open only to people of colour and/or people of marginalised genders.

You can expect to hear back from us within one or two weeks of applying.

Apply by filling in the form below!

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