Heartfelt, no-prep storytelling games you can take anywhere.

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out of the box play

Littlebox RPGs are no-prep, one-shot, storytelling games in neat little boxes.

They are made for out of the box play, and are perfect to pull out on any occasion.

Littlebox games are easy to learn and quick to play. Each RPG is a heartfelt, collaborative experience, designed to deliver impactful play in just a few hours. There is no game master, and players tell the story together. It’s different every time!

Each game comes in a reinforced tarot sized tuckbox (7 x 12 cm), that you can easily throw in your bag and take anywhere.

Explore Villagesong

The future of your village rests on your shoulders.

Villagesong is a fantastical RPG about communities, leadership, and change, inspired by tales from ancient Java. Your decisions will determine the future of your village and the island. What will you sacrifice, and what will you hold dear?

You play a village leader, responsible for the wellbeing and future of your home.

As the game progresses, you will make tough decisions that change your village, and the entire island. Choice by choice, you will shape the song of your village, sung for many years to come.

Make decisions that shape your village.

The tides of change wash over your island. During your turn, you will draw a change card, and reveal a new pressure facing your village.

Decide, do you accept their offer and take change into your own hands? Or do you resist their influence and send them onwards to another village? Once you’ve made your choice, explore the impact of the change on the villages.

Your village is connected to those that surround it – by the flowing river or the mountain pass, but also by the bonds of blood or friendship that tie the leaders together. If the trust between leaders is broken, the bond between your villages breaks too, leaving you to perilously make amends, or face the future alone.

As you make decisions during the game, change cards are tucked beneath your village to form your villagesong – a melody of life, handed onward for generations to come.

Explore Our Mundane Supernatural Life

A cozy game of extraordinary daily living.

Our Mundane Supernatural Life is a cozy two player RPG that explores the everyday life of supernatural person and their loved one. It’s a game about the difficulties of going grocery shopping when you’re partly ethereal, or the importance of finding good child care every full moon.

In this game, you play through a single day of your life together. But life always comes with its problems. Face supernatural and mundane troubles as your day unfolds.

We released a free version of this game in 2018. When we heard how much people enjoyed the game, we decided to make a revised and expanded Littlebox edition.

Spend an extraordinary day unlike any other.

Begin by planning your day. Write your daily activities on the cards, and then placing these in chronological order. What’s happening today?

Next, play through a scene for each activity in your day:

  • Set the timer: Each scene takes a randomised length, to highlight glimpses of the mundane and the supernatural as your day plays through.
  • Check for a symbol: Turn over the card and check for a symbol to see if the activity goes smoothly, brings you closer, or creates trouble in your day.
  • Play the scene: Play through the scene until the timer runs out! Jump in to play secondary characters as needed.

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