Heartfelt, no-prep storytelling games you can take anywhere.

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Littlebox RPGs



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Why littlebox?

Littlebox RPGs are no-prep, one-shot, storytelling games in neat little boxes.

They are made for out of the box play, and are perfect to pull out on any occasion.

Littlebox games are easy to learn and quick to play. Each RPG is a heartfelt, collaborative experience, designed to deliver impactful play in just a few hours. There is no game master, and players tell the story together. It’s different every time!

Each game comes in a reinforced tarot sized tuckbox (7 x 12 cm), that you can easily throw in your bag and take anywhere.

Create characters you care about, and tell their story in just a few hours.

Lead your village to strength or ruin, or help your werewolf flatmate face their first full moon, all in a single session. Create characters you care about, and then explore their stories of love, hope, and revenge in just a few hours.Players work together to tell the story with the help of the cards. Close relationships form the heart of both games. Village bonds are forged and broken, an extraordinary day comes to an end – how have you changed?