Saltfish & Almanacs
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Heartfelt, no-prep storytelling games in neat little boxes

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What Littlebox is for me?


Poetry, myths and folktales weave together intricately in this South East Asian epic.

You are a village leader, responsible for your home. Draw cards to discover the problems you and your village face, and make tough decisions that will chart your future. Choice by choice, shape the song of your village, sung for many years to come.
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1-4 Players | 2-4 hours | Ages 14+

Play to find out:

  • What kind of leader are you?
  • How will you be remembered?

Our Mundane Supernatural Life

Cozy up with a wholesome and heartwarming everyday slice-of-life story.

Explore the everyday life of a supernatural person and their loved one. Schedule and play through the day, from the difficulties of grocery shopping when you’re partly ethereal, to the importance of finding good childcare every full moon.
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2 Players | 60-90 mins | Ages 14+

Play to find out:

  • How does your day unfold?
  • What do you mean to each other?

Decaying Orbit

Piece together the fragmented memories of a space station’s AI moments before its demise.

Draw cards to explore the mystery of each room. Piece together your past from readouts, camera footage, lost transmissions and more. With each memory, build the story of your doomed station.
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2-5 Players | 1-2 hours | Ages 14+
Designed by Sidney Icarus

Play to find out:

  • How does an AI see the world?
  • What doomed your space station?

Saltfish & Almanacs

Peddle goods town-to-town on a seasonal journey of wonder and self-discovery.

Step into the shoes of a traveling merchant, and embark on your yearly journey through new and familiar places. Sell your wares along Chorzno’s glitzy streets, take a break to enjoy a parade, but don’t forget your meeting with the Tidewitches!
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1-4 Players | 3-6 hours | Ages 14+

Play to find out:

  • How will your journey change you?
  • What moments will you hold dear?

No-prep, one-shot, storytelling games
you can take anywhere

Ever had a night where you just couldn’t decide what rpg to play? Or find yourself with time for one extra game at a convention? So have we! That’s why we decided to create our Littlebox games, one-shot rpgs that you can play anytime, anywhere (well ok, not underwater). Open the box and have a character you care about in minutes, then tell your unique story together.

Ready to Go

Everything you need to play is in the box, just open it up and get started in minutes.


Tell a sweet, sad, or scary story in just a few hours with streamlined rules.


Get the whole table playing. Each game is easy to learn, with no-prep required.


Modular design means each playthrough tells a unique story you build together.