Heartfelt, no-prep storytelling games you can take anywhere.

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What is Littlebox?

Littlebox RPGs are no-prep, one-shot, storytelling games in neat little boxes. They are made for out of the box play, and are perfect to pull out on any occasion.

Littlebox games are easy to learn and quick to play. Each RPG is a heartfelt, collaborative experience, designed to deliver impactful play in just a few hours. There is no GM, and players tell the story together. It’s different every time!

Explore Villagesong

Product box of Villagesong

The future of your village rests on your shoulders

On the island at the outskirts of the archipelago, things are changing. Once this place and its villages seemed to you the entire world. Now, the tides of change are here, bringing opportunity and demand. And your village looks to you to lead it safely forward.

What choices will you make to navigate the path of change? What will you sacrifice and what will you hold dear?

A storytelling game of leadership and change

Villagesong is a fantastical rpg about communities, leadership, and change. Each player takes on the role of a village leader, responsible for the wellbeing and future of their home.

Inspired by villages in 12th to 14th century Java, this game centres on the tough choices that leaders must make as the impetus of change bears down on tradition and village life.

Turn over cards from the change deck to discover which decisions are facing your village. Negotiate village politics with the leaders beside you. Create the future of your island together.

Explore Our Mundane Supernatural Life

A cozy game of extraordinary daily living

How do you make the most of everyday when something marks you as different from those around you?

How do you help a loved one get through the daily struggles of their supernatural existence?

Our Mundane Supernatural Life is a cozy two player rpg that explores the everyday life of a supernatural person and their loved one.

It’s a game about the difficulties of going grocery shopping when you’re partly ethereal, or the importance of finding good child care every full moon.

Download the free version now

We released a free version of Our Mundane Supernatural Life in 2018. When we heard how much people enjoyed the game, we decided to make a revised and expanded littlebox edition.

If you’re curious about the game, you can download the free version below and give it a whirl. Get ready to plan your extraordinary day!

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