Legal Minds (A Legal Drama RPG)

Here’s your coffee. Oh, and you’re in court in 10 minutes.

Legal Minds is a collaborative tabletop roleplaying game about lawyers dealing with pressure, responsibility, and the drive to win as they face the range of complex cases that come across their desk.

Every case is its own challenge as you struggle to balance the expectations and desires of your firm, your clients, and your family and friends. But hey, we know it’s under all that pressure your legal mind thinks of its most brilliant ideas…

Inspired by the high pressure legal world of The Good Wife, the personal drama of The Split, and the episodic case feel of Boston Legal. It strikes a balance between face-paced quick-thinking legal action, and the emotional journeys of lawyers and the cases they handle.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll do in a game of Legal Minds:

  • Take on new clients: Every client has a story. It’s on you to take the difficult asks your clients have and make them happen, in court or out of it. When the case is over, it’s your client’s satisfaction that will inch you closer to a promotion – or get you thrown out of that corner office.
  • Battle to win cases: You’re not just any lawyer, you’re a litigator. That means you’re heading into a fight. As new cases come across your desk, you’ll be taking case actions to build up your side, from depositions to discovery, and maybe just a little playing fast and loose with the law.
  • Deal with your work and personal life colliding: Your rival lawyers? They’re not just faceless suits from another firm. They could be your best friend, your crush, your sibling, or even worse, your mom or dad. Tear apart their argument in court, then try to put everything back together at weekend drinks.
  • Gun for a promotion and keep your firm from sinking: Your performance will directly effect your firm, and the higher up you move in the ranks the most responsible you will be for its survival. It’s not easy at the top, but that’s not going to stop you trying to get there anyway.
  • Survive your schedule: Does all this sound like a lot? That’s because it is. Every week you’ll try to cram your work and personal obligations into your calendar, and call in a few favours when they don’t all fit. Even if you somehow make it work don’t expect things do go smoothly – you’re in demand, and you never know when a new client might walk through the door.

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