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While it is splendid indeed to tell stories of regency romance, scandal, and manners, one cannot help but long to be within the story itself. Welcome to the Good Society LARP.

Order the game

The Good Society LARP is playable in 4 hours and accommodates 8 to 12 players.

In this version of Good Society, each player will embody a single character from the regency gentry, saying what their character says, doing what they do, and navigating the turbulent waters of romance, wealth, and obligation.

The PDF includes a step-by-step Facilitators guide to make running the LARP easy for first time and experienced facilitators alike. While it is intended to be played in person, it also includes rules and tools for online play.

The LARP comes with two unique scenarios which explore different themes of Austen’s work:

  • The London Season revolves around young members of the gentry staying in London for the season.  There, they grapple between duty and desire, as well as affairs of the heart.
  • Sunday Church is set in a country town experiencing a tense situation. It features characters of all ages, and revolves around familial pressure, scandal, and class.

How does it work?

This is the LARP version of the game, which means that players will be embodying a specific, single character throughout the game, saying what their character says, doing what they do, and navigating the turbulent waters of romance, wealth, and obligation.

The game follows a structure spanning 4 to 4.5 hours of play:

  • Orientation: Players are introduced to the game, select their characters and run through a series of fun workshops where they collaboratively develop their characters and flesh out their relationships with each other.
  • Play: Play consists of two modes, “chapters” which set at a particular event or location playing out in real time, and “epistolary” for the writing of letters.
  • Debrief: A short segment at the end to give players a chance to share their experience and highlight moments they enjoyed.

The Team behind Good Society

Raven Warner

Raven is an illustrator working in Baltimore. She started roleplaying for much the same reasons she started drawing: a love of imagining spaces, exploring characters, and creating stories with friends. Find more of her work at ravenwarner.com

Aviv Or

Aviv Or is a UK-based freelance comic artist and illustrator with a passion for character art. She works (and plays) mainly in the tabletop games industry, and co-creates the webcomic Up to Four Players about roleplaying adventures. She doesn’t like tea, but makes up for it by drinking coffee very daintily.

Lauren McManamon

Lauren developed a taste for creative writing at the age of 10, which blossomed into a secret engagement to Austen around the age of 14. She’s since honed her love for storytelling and gaming, and is devoted to character drama, romance, and the Oxford comma. @thestraykiwi

Alex Robinson
guest writer

Alex Robinson is a nerd. During the day, you can find them working as a nurse. Out of business hours, they are writing and editing tabletop roleplaying games and co-hosting a sex ed podcast @letsdoitpodcast. At all times, they’re a nerd on the internet @pronerdalex and anywhere comics, games or full free academic articles are available.

Vee Hendro
game designer And graphic designer

Vee Hendro is one half of Storybrewers. As well as making games, she is a freelance RPG graphic designer based in Sydney, Australia. Catch her on a bouldering wall, bushwalk or drooling over mechanical keyboards. 

Hayley Gordon
Game Designer and Lead Writer

Hayley is the other half of Storybrewers and is the decidedly more silly half. She makes games and also a damn good Kentucky tea. She likes writing most things, but not her own bio.