Illustration of a sports team ready for action.

Fight with Spirit:
Sports Drama RPG

Grow up together and fight for your passion in this tabletop rpg.
Hone your skills, face down rivals, and reach for the top!

2 to 5 players (including a facilitator)
Play any number of sessions, a full tournament takes 6 to 8
Online play support included

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Passion, victory, and friendship

Fight with Spirit is a sports drama rpg about a team growing up together and fighting for their passion. In this game, you’ll hone your skills, face down rivals, and strive to take your team to the national championships. Along the way, you’ll explore friendships, feelings, and the fleeting nature of your time together.

Fight with Spirit is built to tell sports stories inspired by anime such as Free, Run with the Wind, and Chihayafuruas well as high school movies like Bring it On, and Remember the Titans.

Take your team to the top

Play a high school or college sports team battling your way through a major tournament. Your relationships, motivations and team will change as you grow, learn, and connect, on and off the court. Your team will win ultimate victory, or they will find defeat. But it is love, hope, and passion that are the real stakes on your journey, as you grow up together and share the moments until school ends.

Illustration of an athlete handing a bottle to a teammate.

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The Team behind Fight With Spirit

Kai Rosales
Illustrator (Characters)

Kai is a freelance artist based in Canada who enjoys drawing fantasy themed characters. Movies and RPG games are big inspirations to their works. They aspire to someday create their own world to explore and share with everyone.

Illustrator (additional)

Isa is a comic artist from Quezon City, Philippines. She grew up watching a lot of anime and playing jrpgs, which inspires a lot of her work. Now she really wants to get to Stormblood in FFXIV

Melody Watson

Melody is a specialist TTRPG editor and writer, a sometimes poet, and a maker of play experiences large and small. When she isn’t elbow-deep in words, she parents two small people and too many cats.

Lina NGO
Illustrations (cover)

Lina Ngo is a Vietnamese-American, Austin based illustrator who’s just trying to take the best food pics. She wants to use her passion for storytelling to conduct meaningful narrative between characters and the viewer. Her hobbies include micro transactions and overeating.

Vee Hendro
game designer And graphic designer

Vee Hendro is one half of Storybrewers. As well as making games, she is a freelance RPG graphic designer based in Sydney, Australia. Catch her on a bouldering wall, bushwalk or drooling over mechanical keyboards. 

Hayley Gordon
Game Designer and Lead Writer

Hayley is the other half of Storybrewers and is the decidedly more silly half. She makes games and also a damn good Kentucky tea. She likes writing most things, but not her own bio.