Passion. Friendship. Victory.

Fight with Spirit is an in-development tabletop roleplaying game about a high school or college sports team. It is built to tell stories like those in sports anime such as Free, Haikyuu and Chihayafuru, as well as high school movies like Bring It On and Remember the Titans.

It is a game about honing your skills, facing down rivals, and striving to take your school to the national championships. But it is also a game about friendship, feelings, and the difficulties of growing up.

A card based RPG for 3-6 players (including a GM).

In this game, you will play your way through a series of episodes that make up a tournament season. Your relationships, abilities and motivations will change and grow as your train, learn, and finally battle it out in the championships.

Your team will win ultimate victory, or they will find defeat. But it is love, hope, and passion that are the real stakes of your journey, as you grow up together and share the moments until school ends.

Who will I play?

Your character in Fight With Spirit is made up of four parts, that will depend on their personality and play style.

See you on Kickstarter later this year!

We’re still working on developing and playtesting this game. We hope to have a version to share with you later this year. In the meantime, sign up above to playtest and stay in touch.