The environment is important to us.

Our environment is important to us, so we wanted to make sure that Storybrewers Roleplaying are supporting its longevity. We’ve made a commitment to our planet.

What we’re doing.

Prior to 2024, We’ve offset our emissions using Gold Standard Carbon Certificates. These certificates were created through investment in a carbon offset project based in Timor-Leste. Gold Standard are a benchmark standards body recognized by the Australian Government so we believed in the quality and efficacy of the program we are supporting.

However, as of 2024, due to concerns about the effectiveness of carbon offsets in supporting the environment, we’ve decided to change to donating part of our proceeds to an audited and highly rated environmental organization instead. In 2024, our donation went to Rainforest Alliance, who work to solve urgent environmental and social challenges.

Our commitment into the future

We’ve made progress in reducing and offsetting our environmental impact, but our job doesn’t end here. It is our intention to review our approach to sustainability on an annual basis, so we can identify ways to further improve our environmental performance year on year. Our plan for this is to better measure our impact, reduce fuel use and continue to offset our emissions, all at no cost to our customers.