On a distant space station, an AI awakes. Its fragmented memory reveals a secret.

Decaying Orbit by Sidney Icarus is a storytelling RPG about a failed space station falling into a faraway star. As you play, you’ll piece together the mysteries, joys and horrors that occurred on board. In the station’s last moments, you’ll decide on the final transmission that the AI sends for earth to remember.

Inspired by media like Sunshine, Alien, Observation and Ad Astra, the story of your station is for you to decide.

2 to 5 players | 60-120 minutes | Ages 14+

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Image of 3 Ship Cards: "Solar Panels", "Bridge", and "Earth Bound Relay"

Reveal the fragments of the station’s past

Take turns drawing cards to explore the different rooms in the station and the events that occurred within them. In each room, you’ll describe a fragment of the AI’s memory to reveal further details about the station.

Piece together your past as the station’s computer, detailing readouts, camera footage, lost transmissions and more. Memory by memory, you’ll work together to tell the story of your doomed station.

Choose from three unique stations

The New Eden is a colony station, sent to terraform a new home for the souls on board. Stories aboard the New Eden tend to be about cycles and human yearning.

The Athena II is a Pike-Class war station. Deadly and ambitious. Sent to fortify this system against unknown threats. Stories on the Athena II tend to be conspiratorial and mysterious.

The Research Station Hephaestus is a science vessel. Lightly crewed and with an unclear mission, there’s an alien sense to everything aboard. Stories aboard the Hephaestus tend to be curious, and about discoveries large and small.

Uncover the past and leave your legacy in the final moments.

Begin by exploring moments during the station’s normal operations. When the Twist card appears, you’ll start to reveal why everything fell apart.

As the deck comes to the end, you’ll reach the epilogue. There’s time for one final transmission before a burning star consumes the station. What will you send back to earth?