Deliver play experiences that are emotional, evocative and collaborative.

We are Storybrewers. We lovingly brew roleplaying games eagerly waiting to come to life at your table. We dream, we imagine, we obsess, we create and we test, but most of all we listen.

Here are three things we aim to do. First, our best by those who play our games. Second, to make our games inclusive, safe and diverse. And third, to do what’s right by the environment.

We know that without you our games will never become stories. So thank you, for giving us the best gift we could ever hope for. This round is on us!

Vee Hendro

Vee is a game designer and freelance graphic designer based in Sydney, Australia. Catch her on a bouldering wall, bushwalk or drooling over mechanical keyboards.

vee's graphic design

Hayley Gordon

Hayley is a game designer and writer, focusing on collaborative and emotional roleplaying experiences. As a history major, she enjoys roleplaying in the weirdness of the imagined past.

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Hi! We are really friendly, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with comments, questions, or killer jokes.