We’re looking for authenticity editors! [13 Mar 2020]

We are looking for two authenticity and sensitivity editors for an upcoming tabletop roleplaying game about communities, change and leadership. Inspired by 13th and 14th century villages of Java, the game focuses on village relations and tough choices. Players take on the role of village leaders dealing with the pressure of a growing kingdom encroaching upon their island as the impetus of change bears down on tradition and village life.

This is a card-based game to be published in a tuck box format, with approximately 70 cards and a short rulebook. The game is still in development and is planned for crowdfunding in May 2020.

While this game’s setting is fictional, and involves elements of magic and the supernatural, it draws from the rich cultural and mythological narratives of the Hindu/Buddhist kingdom era of bygone Java. We are looking for expertise rooted in lived experience to help craft an authentic setting and story that speaks to the source inspiration, with the goal of bringing more quality, diverse games to the gaming community.

You will be expected to:

  • Review the game text at the first draft stage, recommend changes to help support accuracy and authenticity, and flag any misrepresentations, biases, unintentional stereotypes, risks, or other issues.
  • Review the game and art at the final stage, to ensure that the final product reflects a strong cohesive whole and recommend any final improvements.
  • At each review stage, we will be looking for written feedback followed by a discussion of that document via video consultation.

We are looking for the following:

  • Critical reading and editing skills
  • Understanding of the South-East Asian archipelago including historical context and mythology
  • Understanding of Java and Javanese history, culture, and mythology preferred, especially around the Majapahit era.
  • Interest in tabletop roleplaying games

Please send us your application of interest to storybrewers@gmail.com alongside your editing rates.

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