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To the Temple of Doom! To Defeat the Ancient Evil is a short, light, RPG of adventurer archeologists and their exploits, in the style of Indiana Jones, the Mummy, and many other action films.

You are an expert archeologist . In fact you’re the best in your field. Until now you’ve spent your days buried in musty tomes, toiling on dig sites, and studying artifacts to save the past. Now, you must save the future.

An ancient evil stirs, waking deep within the bowels of an untouched temple.  An evil that will end the world as we know it. Only you and your fellow archeologists can examine the clues, unravel the mysteries, and uncover the method to subdue this terrible threat.  Yes, it is up to you to enter the Temple of Doom, find its secrets, and defeat the ancient evil before it destroys the world!

Our entries for the 200 word RPG contest.

Tales From the Lost Kitchen

You are a group of people who live in the future.

You have uncovered this kitchen. It belonged to your ancestors.

It is full of many things. You do not know what they are.

All Things Grow

Mother curls her hand – strong, calloused, beautiful – over yours.

She has given you something – a sunflower seed.

It presses against your palm.

Her eyes shut.

Remember that town guard your party murdered last week? The henchmen you brutally decapitated just because they served some evil wizard? Well, guess what? In this game, the NPCs your party so inconsiderately murdered are back.

The Ghosts of NPCs Passed is a short storytelling game for a regular gaming group. In it the ghosts of NPCs killed in the past return to possess the living and tell their story. (1 page).

And thanks to J. Fernando “Dr. Alban”, now available in Spanish:

Need some malevolent inspiration for your roleplaying game? We present the Face Shifter, an NPC Villain adapted for both a Fantasy and Urban Fantasy setting. Get the Villain profile by clicking below.

This villain was created as the prize for the Evil Laugh Contest we ran over Halloween, You can check the evil laugh that inspired this character here:

And thanks to J. Fernando “Dr. Alban”, now available in Spanish:

runner up block

Dynasty is a GM-less tabletop RPG where players compete to see who will rule an empire. Each player will take the role of a lineage, struggling through different eras for domination.

This is a one-shot system, designed to tell sweeping stories, but zoom in on individual, significant moments. As the story of your Dynasty unfolds, find out who will rule, and who will fall. (42 pages).

Listen to Dynasty Actual Play here.



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